An anabolic growth supplement designed for serious athletes only. Supports Anabolic Growth, Increased Metabolism, Cellular Integrity, Male Sexual Health.* This potent supplement contains:

  • Over 250mg of Ajuga Turkestanica Extract

  • Over 98mg of Apigenin

  • Over 167mg of EMIQ®

  • Over 5mg of Bioperine®



*Contains Turkesterone which is a grey market anabolic, shown to be in studies on par with certain anabolic steroids for growth, and potently increases protein synthesis.

*Contains Apigenin which has been shown to trigger anabolic pathways and create Muscle growth and stave off Muscle loss. Has been shown in studies to increase testosterone and to decrease cortisol.

*Contains Emiq which has been shown to have anabolic properties and act as a hypertrophic compound. It also is being studied as a potential fat loss agent.


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